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Mirijam Verena Jeremic is a film and theater actress living in Berlin.


In December gives Mirijam Verena Jeremic her voice for German dubbing by KALININGRADER QUEST a film by Irina Roerig.


In November 21, 2018 | 19:00 will be a preview of the raw version with live music and synchronization of KALININGRADER QUEST a film by Irina Roerig in the theater in Delphi. Mirijam Verena Jeremic will read some of the lyrics together with the actor and colleague David Wittmann.


New photos by Michael Waldau and Markus Nass below the Link!


October has already begun excitingly with the filming of MY PARIS with Mirijam Verena Jeremic in the role of Monica, a directorial debut of Sylvain Mabe.

Mirijam Verena Jeremic makes her directing debut with the short film PINK CITY FILM. All further information about the film project:


In June Mirijam Verena Jeremic shoots a production of Eitelsonnenschein directed by Lutz Heineking for TNT Comedy and the improviser series OTHER PARENTS.


On the 13th of June the preview of DER SPORTPENNER took place in the theater in Delphi. Mirijam Verena Jeremic played the female lead role of the Delfine.

Impressions of the Red Carpet: